Saturday, February 16, 2013

Contrex Conundrum

This advert is obviously very clever, and has, of course, gone viral, for good reason. It IS entertaining.

But there are so many stereotypes in it, that I am beginning to wonder why I don't just have a 'cut and paste' list of them to add in here. So here goes:

Women like pink
Women need to be thin
Women are all young
Even thin women want to be thinner
Sex is your reward for being thin
Even for men, a six pack and a good body are needed to be attractive
If you are 'good' you will be rewarded
Women all group together in 'girl packs' to be thin and attractive 
Sex with an attractive male is the reward for being thin, and following instructions
Even thin, young, attractive women need to be good in order to get their man
A man is the ultimate reward that we are all hoping for

I could go on. 

People accuse feminists of lacking a sense of humor, then put out offensive material that uses humor to deflect attention. That actually detracts from the general experience of humor in my life. The LACK I have is due to patriarchal views, not feminist ones.

I am just hoping that someone with the relevant media equipment can make a parody of this advert - one that still uses humor, but doesn't try to tell women that they should all be good little girls.

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